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The Costa del Sol exudes happiness during its local fiestas and traditional bank holidays. Both the capital city of Malaga and each of the towns comprising the province have their very own unique festivities full of charm and entertainment: Easter Week, pilgrimages through the countryside, local village fiestas and fairs celebrating each of their patron saints, the most ancient religious processions and festivals, the regional dance, the folk music and the food, in a culture that has everything from the most solemn of religious celebration to the most pagan and enigmatic folkloric event.

'Corpus Cristi' in May, is specially interesting in Casabermeja where the fiesta last four days and all the city is decorated with flowers, plants and all kind of ornaments. In the 3rd week of August Malaga celebrates the Summer Fair with the traditional parades 'Desfile de Enganches' and the 'Horses Fair' the best place to see the Andalusian Horses. To understand our fiestas and local traditions better, visitors are well advised to join in and mingle with the people of Malaga on the streets of the city, town or village, where they will find people warmly disposed to sharing their way of life with others.

It should not be forgotten that this land is also the home of fine horses and that equestrian shows often take centre stage at these fiestas, although horse-riding and dressage events can be enjoyed at any time of the year, as flamenco music and dance festivals, cuisine and other regional fairs. Whatever the occasion Malaga car hire is perfect to enjoy Malaga genuine fiesta with all its ingredients, just as you had imagined it.

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