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Mallorca, as the most typical tourist destination in the Mediterranean, offers anything you can imagine as far as cooking is concerned. On the one side, you have the international cooking, in this case, products from the sea are as important as the grown in the land ones. It is easy to find fresh fish even during the summer at good restaurants on the beach (chiringuito).

You may often hear about cap roig bullit (rock fishes boiled with potatoes), llobarro a la sal (salted bass) and anfos a la mallorquina (grouper with vegetables) and the wellknown caldereta. Vegetables are the stars in the local Majorcan cooking. The tumbet is a delicious dish prepared with aubergines, potatoes, peppers and tomato sauce. It is often combined with fish or meat. Soup-lovers will enjoy eating escaldum, a chicken stew with potatoes and almond and raisins sauce, and the Majorcan soup, cooked with season vegetables, oil and very thin slices of bread. Among salads, the basic one is trempo, with tomato, onion and pepper. It is important to add olive oil but if the restaurant offers you none, choose another dish.

Apply the same rule about oil when you are offered pa amb oli (bread with oil), a basic component of the Majorcan and Catalan diners, which consists of spreading tomato on a piece of bread and seasoned with oil and salt. Roasted porcella, pig let cooked in the oven with potatoes and artichokes, Central American recipes. And the local cooking is based on rural communities that has created a cooking frits, pork giblets lightly fried and conill amb ceba, rabbit with onions are some of the most typical second courses.

Majorcan sausages, made with pork meat and spices, are delicious. The most common ones are sobrassada, botifarro, llonganissa and camaiot. Most of the restaurants will spontaneously offer you a small dish with Majorcan olives prepared with fennel. Confectionery is also worth to mention, and you have to try the ensaimada, the panades, the crespell, the cocarroi and the gato, an almond tart. If you prefer Asian food, you won't have any problem in finding a wide offer as well as regarding vegetarian food.

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